Manchester Dolls House Clubs



Dolls House Clubs in Manchester and area

If you love miniatures and tiny things, and enjoy using your craft skills, you'll be very welcome at these friendly clubs, whatever your age or skill level. 

South Manchester Dolls House Club
Meets on the second Monday of the month, 8 - 10pm in Whalley Range, Manchester.
Contact Ann for more information 07814 861 285

Poynton Miniatures Club
Meets on the third Monday of the month, 7 - 9 in Poynton
Contact for more information 

Mary 01625 876931

Dorothy [email protected]

Also listed on

Whibley's DIY in Miniature (over 18s)

Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month

HorseCarrs, Shawclough Road, Rochdale

Annette 07577758861 

[email protected]